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Delivering Training at District Level

Training will be undertaken at FTI and targeted directly to district or NGO facilitators who interact directly with community level forest managers. Two trainings per year will be conducted for each district. Before trainings FTI in collaboration with MJUMITA will communicate to managers within the institutions to ensure that

(i) Staff sent are at an appropriate level

(ii) That staff will be supported to operationalise their skills and knowledge once they return back to their institutions.

Identified gaps will be addressed by availing needed references and training materials. Identified centers after baseline survey for delivering reference materials will be in place for easy and quick access of information which will include zonal centers, ward libraries, village centers, village offices, village information centers etc. Lessons from the trainings will be documented and analyzed for utilization in the project and other relevant initiatives. The lessons will also be applied for use in the exit framework as a way of ensuring sustainability. From each district we expect to have 4 trainers, who will join hands with one participant from the ToT / Curriculum Development (field officer from MJUMITA) to support a series of village level training.