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Implementing partiners

Implementing partiners


Forestry Training Institute
It is the leading agency with overall responsibility for developing and delivering the ECOPRC project outputs. FTI is administered by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism (MNRT) and provides long courses (certificate and diploma level), short courses, research and consultancies. It is overseen by an Advisory Board.  As the primary implementer of this project, FTI will be responsible for identifying and assigning a team of FTI staff to work in this project as Secretariat.

Mtandao wa Jamii wa Usimamizi wa Misitu Tanzania (MJUMITA)

The Tanzania Community Forest Conservation Network will undertake the following tasks: • Horizontal networking and sharing of experience between village level forest managers within target districts.
• Delivery of training at district and community leaders.
• Supporting national policy dialogues for policy change (through the Annual MJUMITA meetings).
• Preparing and disseminating village level guidelines and notes documentation of experiences.
• Preparing policy briefs on policy barriers to effective PFM and REDD+ implementation.
• Establishment of linkage and partnerships with zonal level partners.
• Support implementation of PFM and REDD+ at village level.

The Centre for Forests and People

RECOFTC, the Center for People and Forests is an international organization specializing training in community forestry and devolved forest management in Asia and the Pacific, founded in 1987. It works to see more communities actively managing more forests in the region to ensure optimal social, economic, and environmental benefits. Under this project, RECOFTC’s primary role will be providing international experience on PFM and REDD+ from Asia Pacific, technical advise, and back-stoppings in Methodology tools and techniques for capacity building and skills development, Training of trainers and Undertake training on PFM and REDD+ at various levels, Technical input to curriculum development on REDD+ and PFM and Marketing, publicity, communication and cost-recovery models.

The Main collaborator

FORCONSULT (Main collaborator): This is a consultancy unit under the Faculty of Forestry & Nature Conservation at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) with the highest concentrations of highly qualified personnel in the PFM/REDD+ disciplines in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa. FORCONSULT specializes in trainings at various levels,  conducting research, outreach activities with high capacity of collaboration. For effective implementation of this project FORCONSULT will carry out baseline survey and capacity building needs assessment (CBNA), develop training and promotional materials, develop field guideline materials development and printing as well as documenting and presenting lessons learning