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The progress of Same and Mwanga Environmental Conservation Advisory Organization (SMECAO)

The SMECAO is implementing the two project one on energy saving stove and the other on tree nursery. Similar to other projects actual implementation on ground were proceeded with training VNRC and sub villages chairperson were on the importance of energy saving stove on efficient to save the firewood and hence the environment in Vumali village a boarding same catchment forest and how to construct the energy saving stoves at household levels. By the time of visit about 110 houses found (see photo) to have been installed with stoves and all the families acknowledged that the stoves save a lot of energy during cooking and reduces the frequency of collecting the firewood from the forest. The plan is to install 350 stoves to 350 households the difference of 240 stoves is awaiting the second installment so see this project is very economical despite of having the training but on ground they have very big impacts that reduces pressures to the forest. So this, justify the group to be given their second installment soon upon submitting the progress report (activity and financial) for roll out to 350 houses.

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The tree nursery project is not progressing well (see photos) despite of training done to VNRC and secondary school students as the project is being implemented in dry lands villages at Makanya where the availability of water is a big problem but the nursery is based at Makanya secondary schools where at least there is ground water well for watering. So the recommendation here is to continue to raise drought resistant trees which are native to that place and friendly to bees as the planting will be done along the beekeeping zones. Ground check as well justify the group to be given their second installmentupon submitting the progress report (activity and financial).

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